👋 Hi, I'm Austin Merrick

Welcome to my 🏠 on the internet!

👨 About me

I enjoy programming and making things. Sometimes I just want to program for the sake of programming, so I build useless stuff like this TypeScript JSON parser. Other times I just want to make something useful, so I build stuff like this tool for splitting bills with friends.

🛠️ Projects

🧩 Holy Matri(x)mony Finalist in GMTK 2021

📝 Animated Text Editor Animation experiment

⭕️ Circle Clock Minimalist browser game

More projects...

✍️ Writing

Oct 15, 2023 Remaking a Carousel from Apple's Website

Sep 9, 2023 Bun, Javascript, and TCO

Aug 5, 2023 C vs TypeScript Performance

More writing...